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Butterflies along Great Malaga Path. Descriptive catalogue

There are 110 diurnal butterflies’ species in Málaga. This is not a significant number unless it gets compared with the number of butterflies in Andalucia and the Iberian Peninsula, in which case it represents 75% and 48% of butterflies, correspondingly, in these zones. Actually, three out of every four Andalusian butterflies and almost half out of all Iberian ones can be seen in Málaga. Considering that our province is the smallest in Andalusia, the above data is not to be underestimated.

Nevertheless, the number of species is not the only thing which is important. There is also to add the features of these species, which are or endangered of protected endemic Iberian of Iberian and Maghrebi species. Andalusian Anomalous Blue from the Almijara Mountains in Málaga outstands as it is an endemic species in the region.

This book is meant to lead you through the incredible world of butterflies, using the Great Málaga Path as a way to approach it.

This free publication can be obtained in the following formats:

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