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Topoguide GR 249. Great Malaga Path (updated edition 2022)

A Topoguide such as this is, in short, a report on the environment through which a Pathway passes, in this case the Great Malaga Path, which currently has 942 km approved and signposted. We provide you with a trustworthy descriptive account of the GR 249, exactly as it appears on the date of writing, eight years after it was presented to the world.

Early 2014, the route’s launch date, was a milestone for the province of Malaga, owing to its importance and its sister projects. Never before had a Long-distance Pathway been so ambitious, nor so well received by Malaga’s visitors and inhabitants.

We strongly believe that hiking is the best way to get to know a place, since the pace best suits this aim. Not only for you, the visitor, but also for all other elements you encounter along the way, the living beings that temporarily share its space and, above all, the people of Malaga, who are probably our greatest treasure.

We invite you to tour the province of Malaga, on behalf of the whole team that has made this possible. This includes both people and institutions, that continue to contribute on a daily basis to ensure your safety and enjoyment, maintain and improve the routes or explain each element of its heritage and nature that you come across. We are certain that we can count on its community and their renowned hospitality and professionalism to make the rest of your stay in our land pleasant and enriching. The GR 249 extends this welcome to Malagueños themselves, offering the opportunity and the excuse to get to know other panoramas, through this pathway that is sown village to village and has made it possible for us to become closer neighbours.

Welcome to the adventure of the Great Malaga Path.

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