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Common name Western bonelli's warbler
Scientific name Phylloscopus bonelli
Type Forest birds
Status Summer

Small bird (approx 12 cm or 4.5 in) that at first will be hard to identify. Dorsal plumage of greenish tones. Whitish belly and underparts. Lighter plumage in general than other chiffchaffs. Very yellowish rump.


Woodland environment

Where it lives

oaks. It occupies areas of dense vegetation, including thickets. Preference for Portuguese oak woods.

How it lives

Summer bird in the province, present only during the breeding period and in migratory passage, which allows to differentiate it from the Common Chiffchaff, which is wintering. The Western Bonelli's Warbler spends the winter south of the Sahara. It breeds from May. Nest on the ground. Two annual layings of 4 to 7 eggs. Insectivorous food.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

In Malaga it usually appears in mountainous areas of medium and high altitude, always linked to forest stands. In the Great Path it can be watched in stages 11, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31 and 34.

Curious facts

The species was described in the 19th century by the Italian zoologist Franco Andrea Bonelli, professor at the University of Turin. Bonelli was also responsible for describing the Bonelli's Eagle, named for that reason after him.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration