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Common name Golden eagle
Scientific name Aquila chrysaetos
Type Cliff-nesting birds
Status Resident

Large bird of prey (about 90 cm or 3 ft) and with a large wingspan (about 230 cm or 7.5 ft). It is the largest eagle present in Malaga. The colour of the plumage is dark brown with golden tones on the head and the back. The silhouette in flight is very dark, with long and wide wings. In juveniles there are very distinctive large white spots on tail and wings. When perched its powerful silhouette stands out, with a large bill and feathered tarsi.


Rocky environments

Where it lives

Rupicolous species linked to mountain range areas and high plains with little human presence. This bird requires rocky gorges and cliffs to exist for it to be able to nest. It avoids forest areas.

How it lives

Resident in Malaga all year round. It starts its breeding very early, at the end of January, and makes a single laying of 1 to 3 eggs. The nest is located in rock fields or abrupt areas which are difficult to access. Couples are faithful throughout their lives. This raptor feeds on all kinds of prey, although rabbit and hare, pigeons and corvids predominate in its diet, as well as reptiles such as lizards. It also has scavenger habits so it is not difficult to find in the existing rubbish tips and vulture feeding points of the province.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

It is not an abundant species but it is present in many Malaga mountain ranges. In the Great Path it can be watched in stages 7, 11, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 26, 29, 31 and 33.

Curious facts

Its name is due to the reflections of the plumage on its head and neck. It is currently the largest predator present in Malaga, able to capture foxes, mongeese or herbivores such as juveniles of mountain goats or roe deer.

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