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Birding Málaga


Common name Common reed bunting
Scientific name Emberiza schoeniclus
Type Waterbirds
Status Wintering

Small bird (about 16 cm or 6.5 in), similar to a sparrow. Males with black head, a white line on the neck and a white moustachial stripe. Brown back and tail with more or less dark brown spots. Lighter breast and belly. Less showy females, they replace the black colour of the head with brown and grey. Winter plumage also less showy in both sexes.



Where it lives

Wetlands and riverbanks with marsh vegetation, especially reeds, and farmlands, meadows and fallows adjoining these wetlands.

How it lives

Wintering species in the province. It breeds from May in the north of Europe. Nest near the ground, between reeds adjacent to the wetlands. One laying of 3 to 7 eggs. Feeding based on seeds, incorporating insects in the breeding period.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Little abundant species, present especially in the final stretch of the Guadalhorce river and in some wetlands and river mouths between Marbella and Estepona.

Curious facts

This shy and elusive bird is difficult to watch, both because of its behaviour and because of the intricacy of the habitat that it normally uses. In addition, there are very few couples in the province.

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Routes where it can be observed
Wintering Summer Resident Migration