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Birding Málaga


Common name Common redstart
Scientific name Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Type Forest birds
Status Summer

Small bird (approx 14 cm or 5.5 in) characterized by its striking red tail. The male has an orange breast, greyish back, white forehead and a black mask that covers his face. In the female the brown tones on the back dominate, the face is greyish and the breast is light brown. When perched it waves the tail constantly.


Woodland environment and scrubland

Where it lives

Mature forests with the presence of old and rinsed trees. Typical in mid-mountain oakwood with plenty of grassland. Scarce in pine woods. In Malaga it also occupies the Spanish fir woods.

How it lives

Summer bird in the province and that can also be watched in migratory passage. It breeds from April, with two annual layings of 5 to 6 eggs, and feeds on small insects, spiders and their larvae. Frugivore in autumn.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Rare bird in the province. It can be watched in Sierra de Líbar and in Sierra de las Nieves. In the Great Path it is present in stage 29 and has been seen punctually in stages 31 and 33 and in migratory passage.

Curious facts

It is another bird species little known in the province regarding its population status. The best populations of Common Redstart in the province are in Sierra de las Nieves. The last census of the species estimated that the main nucleus of the species present in the Sierra de las Nieves did not exceed 100-150 pairs, which is a fragile population, near extinction.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration