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Common name Calandra lark
Scientific name Melanocorypha calandra
Type Farmland birds
Status Resident

Bird of small to medium size (about 20 cm or 8 in), plumage of earth colour and terrestrial habits. Sturdy appearance, with brown tones listed on the upperparts and lighter in the underparts. Large head, thick bill and very characteristic black spots on the sides of the neck. In flight its dark rounded wings with white border can be observed.


Cultivated areas

Where it lives

Areas of extensive cereal cultivation, large plains, steppes, fallows and dry grasslands. Absent in scrubland and tree areas.

How it lives

Species resident all year round in the province. It breeds from April. Two annual layings of 3 to 6 eggs. Nest on the ground. This bird feeds on invertebrates and seeds.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

The Calandra Lark is a common bird in its typical habitat, although rare in the Great Path in general. It can be observed in stages 16, 17 and 18.

Curious facts

When the human presence bothers larks they make flights with vertical elevations around the intruders and emit a characteristic warning call. This behavior tends to betray them, since when perched on cultivated or plowed land they are difficult to detect.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration