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Common name Little ringed plover
Scientific name Charadrius dubius
Type Waterbirds
Status Summer

Small wader bird (approx 18 cm or 7 in). Light brown upperparts and white underparts. Black eye mask and yellow eye ring on the face. Head with cream top. Black neck-collar. Legs of greyish yellowish colour. Short, dark bill. Females are less showy.


Wetlands, River and Riverside

Where it lives

Species more frequent in inland humid areas, lagoons, gravel pits and rivers with shores where there are pebbles and stones. In winter it can be seen on the coast.

How it lives

Species present all year round in the province. Malaga hosts both wintering and breeding individuals. The Little Ringed Plover reproduces from April. Nest on the ground, on banks and beaches with gravel of rivers, reservoirs and lakes. The laying consists of 4 eggs. It feeds on small insects and invertebrates that it catches in shallow waters and among the gravel and the mud of the banks.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

It can be observed in the mouth of the Guadalhorce and along the course of this river and also of the Rio Grande. Also in the Fuente de Piedra and Campillos lagoons.

Curious facts

Waders exploit the resources of the banks depending on the size of their legs and bills. They do not go into the water beyond what the length of their bill and legs allow them to. Thus, the Little Ringed Plover is one of the least able to enter the water, using only surface water.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration