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Common name Black redstart
Scientific name Phoenicurus ochruros
Type Cliff-nesting birds
Status Wintering

Small bird (about 14 cm or 5.5 in) characterized by a dark plumage that covers the entire body, jet black on the face, except for the tail, that is red, and wing bands of lighter colour. The females are more brown, greyish in colour. Very terrestrial habits. It can be usually seen perched, waving its red tail.


Urban and rocky environments

Where it lives

Rupicolous species, typical of warm and sunny rock formations, quarries, rocky slopes and screes. It also occupies urban areas.

How it lives

Mainly wintering bird in Malaga, although there is a small population that breeds in the province, which it does between April and July with two annual layings consisting of 5 to 6 eggs. It feeds on small insects and their larvae, spiders and, to a lesser extent, seeds and berries.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Frequent and common bird that can be watched practically in all the Great Path.

Curious facts

In winter, in cities and villages in the mountain areas of Malaga, it is the first bird that can be heard at dawn. Perched in fences, chimneys and roofs of the houses it is constantly emitting a characteristic call.

Routes where it can be observed
Wintering Summer Resident Migration