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Birding Málaga


Common name Sedge warbler
Scientific name Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
Type Waterbirds
Status Migrator

Bird of small size (about 13 cm or 5 in), with a general olive brown tone, slightly striped on the back and with a more yellowish rump. Paler throat and underparts. Dark and striped crown, with a marked white eyebrow on the face. Its cryptic plumage and discreet habits make it, being a common bird, difficult to detect except for its song, which is very characteristic.



Where it lives

Species linked to wetlands of all kinds and riverine environments that present borders of marsh vegetation: reeds, reed beds, bulrush, willow groves or tamarisk formations. Also present in irrigated crops.

How it lives

Bird present in the province only during its migratory passages. All its biological cycle takes place in marshes and banks of river courses. It is a trans-Saharan migrant that breeds in northern Europe. One annual laying of 4 to 7 eggs. Insectivore.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Frequent species in the province. It is common in the mouths and lower courses of the Guadalhorce, Vélez, Guadalmansa and Guadaiza rivers and in all the lagoons of the province that have an external vegetable border of reeds.

Curious facts

Its Latin name comes from the Greek ("akros" -"extreme"- and "kephalé" -"head"-) and ("skhoiniklos" -"reed"- and "baino" -"walk"-) and means respectively "conical or pointed head" and "walking among the reeds". That is to say, it is a bird with a large and peculiar head and able to move through the reeds by walking among them or, rather, among their thin stems.

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