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Common name Eurasian thick-knee
Scientific name Burhinus oedicnemus
Type Farmland birds
Status Resident

Mid-sized wader (approx 44 cm or 17.5 in) with cryptic colours. Brown earth plumage in general with lighter and darker bars; lighter and speckled belly. Big yellow eyes with clear eyebrow and lower stripe. Yellow bill with black tip. White wing band with black edges.


Cultivated areas

Where it lives

Dry and open habitats, steppes, wastelands, pastures and flat or little undulating areas with natural vegetation. It prefers absence of trees and low height grass vegetation.

How it lives

Species resident in Malaga all year round. The Eurasian Thick-Knee breeds from April, making a single annual laying of 1 to 3 eggs and nests on the ground. It feeds on insects (ants, beetles, grasshoppers, etc.). Twilight and nocturnal habits.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

It is a usual steppe bird but difficult to watch. It is present in stages 16, 17, 18 and 35 of the Great Path.

Curious facts

The vernacular name of this bird in Malaga is "alcarrí" or "alcarril", probably because of its tendency to walk on the "carriles" (Spanish word for "tracks"). At nightfall and dawn, when other birds are already asleep, it emits a very distinctive grievance or plaintive song.

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