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Jack snipe


Common name Jack snipe
Scientific name Lymnocryptes minimus
Type Waterbirds
Status Wintering

Small wader bird (about 19 cm or 7.5 in), with relatively short legs and a long bill. Brown plumage, very cryptic. Upperparts with two golden or cream coloured longitudinal lines on each side. Whitish underparts and striated throat. Head with wide whitish or cream coloured eyebrows. The length of the bill is almost half of that of the Common Snipe. It does not emit any sound when flying and usually lands a short distance from where the flight takes off.


Wetlands, River and Riverside

Where it lives

Species linked to wet areas of shallow fresh water surrounded by trees. It prefers banks and flooded areas with vegetation and peat bogs.

How it lives

Wintering bird in the province of Malaga, also present during its migratory passage, which is almost imperceptible. It breeds in northern Europe (Scandinavia) and Asia. One annual laying of 3 to 4 eggs. Nest on the ground. Very discreet and, usually, lonely habits. It feeds on invertebrates extracted from the mud with its bill.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Scarce species in the province and with very localized observation points. The majority of its records correspond to the Guadalhorce, Grande and Vélez rivers and the Fuente de Piedra lagoon.

Curious facts

Its Latin name Lymnocryptes refers to the habitat in which it develops, silty or muddy areas, and to its discretion of plumage and habits, which makes it very cryptic and difficult to detect. Minimus means, obviously, that it is a very small bird.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration