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Site of the month

Birding Málaga

Site of the month

Where to watch birds. Recommended site of the month

In this section we will recommend several sites every month to watch birds in the province of Málaga, according to each season of the year.



El Chorro (Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Nature Reserve), Valle del Guadalhorce-Guadalteba

Have you ever seen a gigantic 8 feet wingspan bird sweetly carrying materials for its nest? Our Griffon Vultures do it in January and you can get so close to these majestic birds at the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Nature Reserve (El Chorro). Click here for more info!


Altos de Hondonero, Sierra Norte de Málaga o Nororma

The tallest limestone peaks in Malaga province host a wealthy population of Golden Eagles which will perform their impressive dives and display flights in January over the Hondonero highlands in Villanueva del Rosario, Málaga Northeast District. Click here for more info!


Sierra del Padrastro, Guadalteba

Come on a clear day of January to enjoy the magnificent views from the natural watchtower of Sierra del Padrastro in Cañete La Real, Guadalteba District, surrounded by iris and vultures. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. JanuaryGriffon Vulture.

These majestic birds are one of our earliest breeding raptors and we will enjoy their male and female sweet synchronized flights during the clear and cold days of January.

Buitre Leonado



Lagunas de Campillos, Guadalteba

More than 2,000 Cranes are waiting for you in February around the Lagunas de Campillos Nature Reserve, a small paradise for wetland and steppe birds in the heart of the Guadalteba District. Click here for more info!


Santi Petri, Valle del Guadalhorce

A “snow” of flowers covers the Almond Trees at the beginning of February, the perfect moment to enjoy birds like Bonelli’s Eagle, Thekla Lark and Siskin in the surroundings of Almogía, to the east of the Valle del Guadalhorce District. Click here for more info!


Tajos del Fraile, Doña Ana y Gómer, Axarquía

Admire the Tajos de Alfarnatejo, one of the best samples of our stunning limestone architecture in the Axarquia District, home of the most attractive cliff-nesting raptors: Golden Eagle, Bonellís Eagle and Peregrine Falcon. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. February: Bonelli's Eagle.

Malaga province hosts the highest density of this fierce bird of prey in the Mediterranean and February is a good time for their acrobatic territorial display flights.

Águila Perdicera



Mouth of the Guadalhorce Nature Reserve

Enjoy the White-headed Duck’s realm and the spring migration visitors at less than 10 minutes from the city of Malaga. Click here for more info!


Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve

Up to 40.000 Greater Flamingos will paint the lake in pink during March in one of the finest Malaga province’s spectacles of nature. Click here for more info!


Fuente de los 100 Caños

Enjoy the arrival of the springtime in a monument to Nature’s generosity. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. MarchWhite-headed Duck.

Males of our most peculiar duck finish in March a transition towards their most brilliant breeding appearance characterized by a shiny sky blue beak.

Malvasía Cabeciblanca



Los Llanos de Antequera - Cartaojal - La Sarteneja

Explore the last redoubts of the Little Bustard, one of the most emblematic birds of Malaga, in a rapidly changing environment. Click here for more info!.


Genil River Banks

This native river forest host one of the most amazing choirs of songbirds of Malaga province in April!. Click here for more info!.


Campillos - Sierra de Yeguas

Admire the display flights of the Montagus’s Harriers over the wheat fields of the Guadalteba District!. Click here for more info!.


Bird of the month. April: Black-Eared Wheatear.

The Black-Eared Wheatear is one of the most beautiful songbirds arriving from Africa in April to breed in the Iberian Peninsula and so representative of Spain’s birdlife that was given the latin name “hispanica”.

Collalba Rubia



Sierra de Mollina y Laguna de la Ratosa

Springtime rains will bring verdure and life to the forest and lake in the middle of birds’ display time. Click here for more info!.


Hoz de Marín

Come to walk across this incredible birds’ songs natural soundvox! Click here for more info!.


El Torcal

This labyrinth of magical rocks homes some of our more interesting and exclusive breeding birds... Click here for more info!.


Bird of the month. : Bee-eater

The most colourful of Iberian birds will be back in May, filling the air with their fluty calls and rectilinear silhouettes.




Montes de Malaga Natural Park

Did you know there is a forest birds sanctuary just 15 km from the city of Málaga?. Click here for more info!


Valley of Genal River

Come to enjoy the Golden Orioles at the very heart of the Serranía de Ronda. Click here for more info!


Camino de la Fuenfría

Come to know the birds of our future national park at Sierra de las Nieves.. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. June: Short-toed Snake Eagle.

The rise of temperature pushes the snakes and lizards out of their nooks for the enjoyment of this marvellous soaring raptor capable of stay still in the air for minutes.

Águila culebrera


Río Guadalmina

A bird and nature heaven just ten minutes from the Costa del Sol!. Click here for more info!


Arroyo de la Ventilla

Enjoy a pleasant birdwalk in this southern Europe jungle... Click here for more info!


Fuente del Acebuche

An easy way to watch southern Spain forest birds!. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. JulyBlack Wheatear.

This special wheatear whose European headquarters can only be found in Spain, will have finished raising its chicks at the beginning of summer.

Collalba negra



Río del Burgo

A cooling summer birdwatching trip in the middle of the Sierra de las Nieves.. Click here for more info!

The Mouth of the Guadalhorce

Birding and beach or beach and birding... You choose!. . Click here for more info!


The Mouth of Rio Velez

Come to know this Axarquia District birding hotspot!.. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. August: Greater Flamingo.

Around 600 chicks will be ringed this month during the traditional “Flamingo Ringing Day” held every year at the Fuente de Piedra Lake.

18. Flamencos comunes (Phoenicopterus roseus) de distintas edades



Cerro Alaminos

There is possibly no other place in Malaga where you can watch such diversity of migrant birds in September.. Click here for more info!


Las Campiñuelas

No need to go far to watch birds’ autumn migration!. . Click here for more info!


Sierra de la Utrera

A flyway over the southernmost karst in Europe.. Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. September: Audouin’s Gull.

This tipically Mediterranean seagull stops over on the coast of Malaga to finish moulting after its breeding season.

1. Gaviota de Audouín (Ichthyaetus audouinii)


Refugio de Juanar

Come to know the southernmost mountains and forests of Sierra de las Nieves... Click here for more info!


Costa del Sol Occidental

It is time to enjoy the Coast after the summer tourism “rush”!. Click here for more info!


Río Jorox

Get pleasure from birds at the garden of the autumn fruits... Click here for more info!


Bird of the month. October: Crag Martin.

After breeding in the mountains, our only sedentary hirundine spreads all over Malaga province during October.

Avión roquero