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Birding Málaga


Common name Temminck's stint
Scientific name Calidris temminckii
Type Waterbirds
Status Migrator

Very small wader bird (approx 15 cm or 6 in). Upperparts of uniform brown tone and white underparts. A dark brown bib that runs down the throat and breast stands out. In winter the plumage is similar although the tones are more greyish. Yellowish green legs, very characteristic. Short and straight, dark coloured bill. In flight, it has a white wing strip and outer tail feathers.



Where it lives

Arctic species that avoids very exposed coasts. The Temminck's Stint prefers fjords, deltas, coves, rivers and inland wetlands. In winter, it can occupy both freshwater ponds and coastal areas, riverbanks or marshes.

How it lives

Wintering bird in Malaga and also present during its migratory passages. This wader breeds at the end of May. Nest on the ground. Laying of 4 eggs. It feeds on insects and crustaceans, earthworms and molluscs found on the coasts.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

In Malaga it is a rare and little frequent species, easier to observe in migration than as a wintering bird. Most of the observations occur in the mouths of the Guadalhorce and Velez rivers as well as in the Fuente de Piedra lagoon.

Curious facts

Coenraad Jacob Temminck was an eighteenth-century Dutch naturalist and aristocrat, whose father, treasurer of the Dutch East India Company, sent him skins and animal specimens acquired during his travels in Asia. He came to describe a large number of birds and mammals throughout his life and to be the director of the Museum of Natural History of the Netherlands.

Wintering Summer Resident Migration