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Birding Málaga


Common name Subalpine warbler
Scientific name Sylvia cantillans
Type Shrubland birds
Status Summer

Very restless small bird (about 12 cm or 4.5 in). Long tail that it lifts frequently. Males with slate grey back, white moustachial stripe and reddish neck and underparts. The females are similar, but with more muted and brown tones. Both sexes have a red eye-ring.



Where it lives

Thicket bird (rockrose, kermes oak, heathland) present especially in the early stages of degradation of the Mediterranean forest, in oak and broom formations.

How it lives

Summer species that breeds in Malaga from April and makes two layings of 3 to 5 eggs. It feeds mostly on insect larvae. Also fruits and seeds in summer and autumn. This bird crosses the Sahara to spend the winter. Very active and discreet, usually in the undergrowth of the bushes.

Where it can be seen in Malaga

Species difficult to observe. It can be heard and seen in areas with thorny scrubland of Sierra Tejeda, Sierra de Alcaparaín, Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Prieta. In the Great Path it is present in stages 11 and 23.

Curious facts

"Carrasca" is the Spanish term used for small, young oaks which have not yet reached the tree size. This is actually the favorite habitat of this warbler.

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